Mission Statement

The Veterans Day Parade Group, Inc., is an all volunteer non-profit organization. Our mission: is to organize and execute the Tampa Bay Veterans Day Parade. To honor and thank all U.S. Military Veterans for their sacrifices, promote patriotism in our community, perpetuate a positive image of American Veterans, and foster pride in service to our country.

Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom is not Free that is why we honor the Men and Women who have sacrificed for our Freedom! Neither is the Parade.

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Parade Rules

The #TampaBayVeteransParade has a proud history reaching back to 1993. The Parade’s primary purpose is to Honor All Who Serve and their Families.

    1. The Parade theme is a Red, White, and Blue tribute to America’s War Veterans, Servicemen, and Servicewomen.
      1. Parade participants shall present a patriotic appearance and conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner.
      2. All entries are to be decorated to pay tribute to our Veterans with a patriotic theme.
      3. Participants must conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner.
      4. Political organizations and other groups perceived as controversial will not be allowed to participate.
      5. Participants will not promote or degrade political affiliations, candidates, or issues, nor will they display or distribute political slogans or materials during the parade.
      6. The parade planners will have final approval of all entry applications
    2. This is a salute to our Service Men and Women. Parade Units must Honor Our Troops with appropriate decorations. As an example, decorations may include but are not limited to, American Flags, Flag of the Services, Pictures of Military Personnel, Banners Supporting, or Thanking Our Troops.
    3. Units may display the following flags:
      1. The Stars and Stripes
      2. State Flags
      3. US Territory Flags
      4. Branches of the Services Flags
      5. Corporate flags and banners
      6. School Flags and Banners
    4. Units may not display the following flags:
      1. National flags of Foreign Countries
      2. Combat Unit Battle Flags
      3. Political Flags or Banners